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Price: $0.03
Change: $0.0003 (1.14%)

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DigiByte(DGB) opened trading today at $0.03. It achieved a Market high of $0.03 and a subsequent Market low of $0.03, Representing a change of $0.0003 and price percentage change of 1.14% . Its current Price is $0.03 representing a market share of 0.05% only.

A total volumn of $11,521,218 worth of DigiByte traded hands today, achieving a Maximum Market Cap of $405,288,864 for the day.

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The Bull Case 🐃 for DigiByte
Many people are looking to invest in digital assets (including DigiByte) owing to the enormous return which they provide. Even the institutional investors are trying to invest in such assets. This is highly positive for DigiByte as a platform. As the traction of the platform increases more and more, the price of the cryptocurrency would also go up. This is a huge positive for the platform in the future.

With the thrust on the digitization of assets increasing and the awareness of cryptocurrency assets also on the rise, DigiByte has a lot of potential ahead. As long as the organisation is able to execute their strategy the price of the token would also keep on increasing. This will attract a lot of investors to this cryptocurrency.

DigiByte is currently trading around $0.03.

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Critical Fundamental Analysis of DigiByte

A coin that has adopted the Bitcoin "21" figure but increased the supply to 21 billion - with over 5 algorithms to mine with (Scryt, Sha-256, Qubit, Skein, Groestl)  - in order to keep mining local and in the hands of many. A 60 second block target, a 0.5% premine and a block retarget every 2.4 hrs or 244 blocks.

DigiByte: Refers to the entire DigiByte network or a single monetary unit on the payment network. 21 billion DigiBytes will be created over 21 years.

Block: A grouping of all transactions sent over the DigiByte network within a 30 second time frame. Think of a block as an excel spreadsheet that lists the address location of all DigiBytes at a given point in time in history. New DigiBytes are brought into circulation as each block is discovered on the network through a process called mining.

Mining: Mining is how transactions are processed on the network. Anyone can become a miner by donating and using their desktop, laptop or mobile phone computing power to help process transactions on the DigiByte network.  DigiByte has made this process even easier with our 3 click mining software for beginners.

Blockchain: The DigiByte blockchain is the entire history of all blocks discovered on the network & therefore all transactions made on the network. Each block references the proceeding block all the way back to the beginning of the network to what is known as the genesis block. By linking blocks (spreadsheets) together an accurate, secure accounting of all up to date DigiByte ownership is made by decentralized consensus.

Absolute Security: Our number one priority will now and forever be network and user security.

Speedy Transactions: We strive to create the fastest possible decentralized transactions.

Worldwide Decentralization: Keep the network open, transparent and accessible at all times.

Ease of Use: Allow anyone to use and benefit from DigiByte in an easy to understand manner.

Flexible Innovation: Quickly improve, adapt and innovate as new technology and threats arise.

Security: DigiByte uses five highly advanced cryptographic algorithms.

Speed: DigiByte transaction notifications occur in 1-3 seconds, blocks are discovered every thirty seconds and transactions are fully confirmed every 3 minutes. Future planned upgrades will make these times even faster.

Fees: Most DigiByte to DigiByte transactions are free or carry a very small network-mining fee to incentivize people to mine.

Worldwide: DigiBytes are already stored, traded and transacted in over 89 countries.

Decentralization: There is no need for a middleman or third party or central server.

Re-Spend: Send DigiBytes you received to someone else in as little as three minutes.

Finite Production: New DigiBytes are added to the network every thirty seconds through a process called mining as each new block (or grouping of transactions in a spreadsheet like format) is discovered by the network.

Scarcity: 21 Billion DigiBytes will be created in 21 years.

1% Monthly New Minting Reduction: New DigiByte production decreases 1% every month.

Mining: DigiByte mining is decentralized with five independent, highly secure mining algorithms.

Adaptable, innovative & flexible: DigiByte is constantly adding new features & services to remain on the cutting edge of digital currency technology.

Committed Development: DigiByte has been under constant, progressive development for over one year now with core development team members from all over the world.

Millennial Acquisition Potential: DigiByte provides merchants, banks & other legacy institutions with a new means of acquiring & connecting with tech savvy millennial users.

A Bright Future: DigiByte has many new & exciting projects underway to be released throughout 2015 to increase DigiByte utility and new user adoption across the globe.

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DGB Trading Stats for Today - 2021-01-03 01:56:03 +00:00 GMT

Market share 0.05%
24h Open $0.03
24h Low $0.03
24h High $0.03
Current Supply 13,891,707,904 DGB
Total Supply 2,147,483,648 DGB
Market cap $405,288,864
24h Volume (coin) 394,902,048 DGB
24h Volume (currency) $11,521,218
Last updated 2021-01-03 01:56:03 +00:00 GMT

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Common DGB Price Prediction Questions

What is DigiByte’s potential future value?

DGB's future value is strongly correlated to it's Fundamental Analysis. We made this easier by giving a short concise write-up here on what DigiByte is and what it does. This is because DigiByte's price will only rise and make you rich if it’s doing something special e.g. Ethereum which made it possible to create simple smart contracts on the Blockchain, minted the most number of Crypto millionaires. Now ask yourself - Can DGB make you one?

What is going on with DigiByte's price?

In order not to be too rattled, read our Fundamental analysis above on DigiByte to know if it’s a good hodl.

How high will DigiByte go?

No one really knows for sure. We however predict DGB might be 4x by end of 2020. This will depend however, on the larger crypto market 4xing as most coins whether good or not, mirror Bitcoins loses or gains. If in doubt about any coin, either BUY BTC, ETH or stay out of the market. For now!

Why is DigiByte(DGB) rising today?

On a day to day basic, we do not have that information. However, look above to see our Fundamental Analysis of DigiByte to see its expected value. You can also visit DigiByte's website here - Visit website.
A good reason for any intra-day pump is usually partnerships, implementations of a roadmap e.g. Mainnet launch or listing on a new exchange (mega-pump).The DigiByte website page will quickly provide you with that value.

(Other questions we can't answer because we aren't God: When will DigiByte price rise, why is DigiByte price rising, will DigiByte keep rising, what is going on with DigiByte price, how much has DigiByte gone up, will DigiByte price rise, is DigiByte value going up, is DigiByte going to keep going up?)

Why is DigiByte's price going down?

It’s difficult to tell right now as the daily DGB candle hasn’t closed. However a quick way to know the reason for any sudden disruption in DigiByte's price is to look at its social media feed to see if it released news that the market revolts at or it’s simply a red crypto day.
To view the Social sentiments for DigiByte, Simple click the Social Button on this page, located immediately below the Price Charts.

(Similar questions we don't have the answer to: Will DigiByte price go down?, Will DigiByte go down again?, DigiByte price going down, DigiByte going up or down, Will DigiByte go up or down?, Bitcoin is going down, Why DigiByte is going down?, Will DigiByte go down?, When will DigiByte price go down?, Are DigiByte bitcoins going up or down?, DigiByte value going down, Will the price of DigiByte go down?).

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