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$0.0002 (0.15%)

MaidSafe Coin Price Predictions

MaidSafe Coin(MAID) opened trading today at $0.13. It achieved a Market high of $0.13 and a subsequent Market low of $0.13, Representing a change of $0.0002 and price percentage change of 0.15% . Its current Price is $0.13 representing a market share of 0.00% only.

A total volumn of $0 worth of MaidSafe Coin traded hands today, achieving a Maximum Mkt Cap of $57,637,172 for the day.

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Price forecasts:
Many people are looking to invest in digital assets (including MaidSafe Coin) owing to the enormous return which they provide. Even the institutional investors are trying to invest in such assets. This is highly positive for MaidSafe Coin as a platform. As the traction of the platform increases more and more, the price of the cryptocurrency would also go up. This is a huge positive for the platform in the future.

With the thrust on the digitization of assets increasing and the awareness of cryptocurrency assets also on the rise, MaidSafe Coin has a lot of potential ahead. As long as the organisation is able to execute their strategy the price of the token would also keep on increasing. This will attract a lot of investors to this cryptocurrency.

MaidSafe Coin is currently trading around $0.13.

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Detailed MAID Price Predictions Videos:

MaidSafe Coin Fundamental Analysis

MaidSafe Coin FA Videos

Watch someone smart explain what MaidSafe Coin is and the problem it aims to solve. This should help you make an informed decision to invest or not..

MaidSafe is a fully decentralized platform on which application developers can build decentralized applications. The network is made up by individual users who contribute storage, computing power and bandwidth to form a world-wide autonomous system.

Safecoin can only reside within the SAFE network and will be stored in a users wallet and used in exchange for network services; such as increased storage space and access to network applications. There is no set distribution time for safecoins. Unlike many currencies, the distribution of safecoin is backed by information and the amount of coins generated by the SAFE network is directly related to the amount of resource provided to it.

The SAFE (Secure Access for Everyone) network can be best described as a fully distributed data management service. This network manages static and dynamic data as well as communications. Importantly the data held is either :

- Encrypted by clients

- Cryptographically signed by clients

In either case the network cannot decrypt any of the data on the network. This can be thought of as a decentralized server that performs the tasks of today's httpd, ssh, scp, ftp, smtp, pop3, imap etc. servers.

The SAFE network is made up of unused hard drive space, CPU and communications capabilities of commodity computers. These computers are likely owned by the very users of the system, but need not be limited to that. Each computer will effectively mine for credits which can be traded for many other goods and services. These credits are called safecoin.

Client applications can access, store, mutate and communicate on the network. The clients allow people to anonymously join the network and cannot prevent people joining. Data is presented to clients as virtual drives mounted on their machines, application data, internal to applications, communication data as well as dynamic data that is manipulated via client applications depending on the programming methods employed.

Examples of client apps are; cloud storage, encrypted messaging, web sites, crypto wallets, document processing of any data provided by any program, distributed databases, research sharing of documents, research and ideas with IPR protection if required, document signing, contract signing, decentralized co-operative groups or companies, trading mechanisms and many others. The clients can access every Internet service known today and introduce many services currently not possible with a centralised architecture.

These clients, when accessing the network, will ensure that users never type another password to access any further services. The client contains many cryptographically secured key pairs and can use these automatically sign requests for session management or membership of any network service. Therefore, a website with membership can present a join button and merely clicking that would sign an authority and allow access in the future. Digital voting, aggregated news, knowledge transfer of even very secret information is now all possible, and this is just the beginning!

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MaidSafe Coin(MAID) Daily Trading

Market share 0.00%
24h Open $0.13
24h Low $0.13
24h High $0.13
Current Supply 452,552,416 MAID
Total Supply 452,552,416 MAID
Market cap $57,637,172
24h Volume (coin) 0 MAID
24h Volume (currency) $0
Last updated 2018-12-14 19:45:17 +00:00 GMT

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Common MAID Price Prediction Questions

What is MaidSafe Coin’s potential future value?

MAID's future value is strongly correlated to it's Fundamental Analysis. We made this easier by giving a short concise write-up here on what MaidSafe Coin is and what it does. This is because MaidSafe Coin's price will only rise and make you rich if it’s doing something special e.g. Ethereum which made it possible to create simple smart contracts on the Blockchain, minted the most number of Crypto millionaires. Now ask yourself - Can MAID make you one?

What is going on with MaidSafe Coin's price?

In order not to be too rattled, read our Fundamental analysis above on MaidSafe Coin to know if it’s a good hodl.

How high will MaidSafe Coin go?

No one really knows for sure. We however predict MAID might be 4x by end of 2019.

Why is MaidSafe Coin(MAID) rising today?

On a day to day basic, we do not have that information. However, look above to see our Fundamental Analysis of MaidSafe Coin to see its expected value. You can also visit MaidSafe Coin's website here - Visit website.
A good reason for any intra-day pump is usually partnerships, implementations of a roadmap e.g. Mainnet launch or listing on a new exchange (mega-pump).The MaidSafe Coin website page will quickly provide you with that value.

(Other questions similar: When will MaidSafe Coin price rise, why is MaidSafe Coin price rising, will MaidSafe Coin keep rising, what is going on with MaidSafe Coin price, how much has MaidSafe Coin gone up, will MaidSafe Coin price rise, is MaidSafe Coin value going up, is MaidSafe Coin going to keep going up?)

Why is MaidSafe Coin's price going down?

It’s difficult to tell right now as the daily MAID candle hasn’t closed. Hopefully it closes above its 200EMA and signifies a reversal. However a quick way to know the reason for any sudden disruption in MaidSafe Coin's price is to look at its social media feed to see if it released news that the market revolts at or it’s simply a red crypto day.
To view the Social sentiments for MaidSafe Coin, Simple click the Social Button on this page, located immediately below the Price Charts.

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