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Waves Price Prediction | Forecast for WAVES

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Table of Contents:

  1. Coin prognosis
  2. What is Waves coin?
  3. Future price prediction
  4. Frequently asked questions
  5. Historical Price Data
  6. Where to buy WAVES

Possible bullishness on Waves Up Only

Our coin price forecasting algorithm indicates bullishness on the WAVES/USD pair. This means it will do well in the near to long term. This page will offer an in-depth look on short-term and mid to long-term price predictions/possible price movements for Waves, using ranking algorithms that are based on Historical price data.

WAVES Price $25.8000 USD
Price Change24h $-3.1000 USD (-10.73%)
24h Low / 24h High $24.7800 / $29.4200 USD
Trading Volume24h $193,190 USD
MarketCap $2,748,683,008 USD

What is Waves? Fundamental Analysis

Waves is an open blockchain protocol and development toolset for Web 3.0 applications and decentralized solutions, aiming to raise security, reliability and speed of IT systems. It enables anyone to build their apps, fostering mass adoption of blockchain, with a wide range of purpose-designed tools for making the process of developing and running dApps easy and accessible. Launched in 2016, Waves has since released numerous successful blockchain-based solutions and has steadily developed into a rich and constantly-growing technological platform. Wavesā€™ technology is designed to address the needs of developers and companies that want to leverage the properties of blockchain systems ā€“ including their security, auditability, verifiability and the trustless execution of transactions and business logic.Waves Platform provides everything required to support the backend of Web 3.0 services. In 2017, Waves successfully launched its mainnet with LPoS, pioneer decentralised exchange DEX and later the Waves-NG protocol. In 2018, the Waves development team delivered the first implementation of smart contracts. This was followed by the release of the RIDE programming language in 2019, a simple and powerful language for programming logic. Moreover, in June 2019 the mainnet of Waves Enterprise, a global private blockchain solution, was launched. All of this is complemented with a broad infrastructure: an IDE for sandbox development, tools, SDKs, libraries, frameworks and protocols for convenient and easy integrations.

Waves price prediction

Future price prediction

Date Price Possible movement
Oct 28, 2021 $29.4200 Neutral
November, 2021 $ 34.5490 USD Upside
December, 2021 $ 31.7681 USD Upside
January, 2022 $ 41.4766 USD Upside
April, 2022 $ 33.8107 USD Upside
October, 2022 $ 53.9754 USD Upside

WAVES Crypto Price Forecast: Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
Will Waves rise today? Our data indicates Waves will rise today. It's already higher than it's opening price. That's a great sign
What will be the highest price of Waves (WAVES) in future? Our analysis shows a possible all time high of $53.9754 USD
Will Waves (WAVES) price increase in future? Our prognosis shows Waves (WAVES) will increase exponentially in future, attaining a possible coin price of $53.9754 USD
Will an Investment in Waves (WAVES) be profitable or make a loss? Waves will be a profitable investment in the next 1 year, giving hodlers a good return.
What will be the highest price of Waves (WAVES) in future? $53.9754 USD
Will the price of Waves (WAVES) move downward in future? Up only
At the end of the year, what will be the price of 1 Waves? Our algorithms indicates an end of year price of 1 WAVES = $53.9754 USD.
What is the Waves price prediction for 2025? By the year 2025, the price of one WAVES could be as high as $269.8770 USD
Waves price prediction for 2030? Too hard to predict. The crypto market changes rapidly. Hence, s lot can change between now and 2030.
Where do I buy Waves? We painstakingly listed out some great options for you. Purchase WAVES coin here →

Historical Price Data (USD)

Pay close attention to daily volume flutuations. Rising volume like Waves has is a great indication it will do well in the short term.

Date Price Volume
October 27, 2021 $28.78 $3,036,504
October 26, 2021 $28.58 $8,594,282
October 25, 2021 $28.08 $6,844,269
October 24, 2021 $28.35 $7,017,871
October 23, 2021 $27.93 $6,401,169
October 22, 2021 $28 $3,937,377
October 21, 2021 $29.39 $4,378,774
October 20, 2021 $28.62 $9,350,196
October 19, 2021 $28.2 $8,864,596
October 18, 2021 $28.82 $13,845,881
October 17, 2021 $29.24 $22,162,825
October 16, 2021 $30.18 $16,489,616
October 15, 2021 $32.28 $15,545,491
October 14, 2021 $31.9 $15,645,021
October 13, 2021 $29.59 $22,455,345
October 12, 2021 $27.01 $36,083,937
October 11, 2021 $26.34 $6,211,349
October 10, 2021 $28.91 $8,291,103
October 9, 2021 $27.2 $8,885,435
October 8, 2021 $27.46 $7,359,233
October 7, 2021 $27.19 $6,404,336
October 6, 2021 $27.58 $10,692,100
October 5, 2021 $26.01 $10,571,825
October 4, 2021 $27.09 $10,208,374
October 3, 2021 $26.31 $15,458,341
October 2, 2021 $26.15 $10,516,013
October 1, 2021 $24.28 $7,820,471
September 30, 2021 $23.17 $10,915,570
September 29, 2021 $22.95 $21,796,410
September 28, 2021 $22.72 $26,178,352

Where and How to Buy Waves (WAVES) Coin

There are 3 steps to purchasing Waves. They are:

  1. Buy Bitcoin: Buying Bitcoin in 2021 is a fairly simple matter which we don't need to go in-depth on. The best places to but Bitcoin directly today with USD or your native currency are: Coinbase, Binance and Paypal. Luckily, some exchanges allows you to purchase WAVES directly with USD. They are: Kraken, ftx, binanceusa, Exmo, Coinsbit, EXRATES, P2PB2B, Yobit, .
  2. Move the Bitcoin to an Exchange that supports WAVES: Once you have purchased BTC, the next step is to move the BTC to an exchange that supports the WAVES/BTC trading pairs.
    At the moment, WAVES is currently available for purchase with Bitcoin at Kraken, Binance, BitTrex, HuobiPro, OKEX, Exmo, BitMart, huobikorea, Coinsbit, crex24, P2PB2B, Yobit, Kraken, Binance, BitTrex, HuobiPro, OKEX, Exmo, Upbit, BitMart, HitBTC, huobikorea, Gateio, Kucoin, Coinsbit, bitcoincom, EXRATES, CoinEx, probit, LAToken, crex24, Graviex, P2PB2B, StocksExchange, Yobit, Tidex, .
  3. Buy Waves on the Exchange: Now, you can buy Waves with your Bitcoin on your preferred exchange from the options we provided. Some of these exchanges support different WAVES pairs. Below is a detailed breakdown of each exchange and the trading pairs it supports.

USD Exchanges

Exchange Trade Pair Volume Exchange Grade
Kraken WAVES/USD $404,057 USD AA
ftx WAVES/USD $49,948 USD A
binanceusa WAVES/USD $182,809 USD BB
Exmo WAVES/USD $132,007 USD BB
Coinsbit WAVES/USD $2,307,967 USD B
Yobit WAVES/USD $9,230 USD D

Bitcoin Exchanges

Exchange Trade Pair Volume Exchange Grade
Kraken WAVES/BTC 2.9707 BTC AA
Binance WAVES/BTC 48.6733 BTC A
BitTrex WAVES/BTC 0.9184 BTC A
HuobiPro WAVES/BTC 3.3642 BTC A
Exmo WAVES/BTC 3.1934 BTC BB
Upbit WAVES/BTC 0.2465 BTC BB
BitMart WAVES/BTC 19.5872 BTC BB
huobikorea WAVES/BTC 2.8882 BTC B
Gateio WAVES/BTC 0.1672 BTC B
Kucoin WAVES/BTC 0.6575 BTC B
Coinsbit WAVES/BTC 49.1537 BTC B
bitcoincom WAVES/BTC 30.8347 BTC B
CoinEx WAVES/BTC 0.4861 BTC C
probit WAVES/BTC 3.6156 BTC C
LAToken WAVES/BTC 3.8752 BTC C
crex24 WAVES/BTC 0.1015 BTC C
Graviex WAVES/BTC 0.0021 BTC C
StocksExchange WAVES/BTC 0.0004 BTC D
Yobit WAVES/BTC 465.6887 BTC D
Tidex WAVES/BTC 0.0401 BTC D

Eth Exchanges

Exchange Trade Pair Volume Exchange Grade
Kraken WAVES/ETH 7.2836 ETH AA
Binance WAVES/ETH 67.9271 ETH A
BitTrex WAVES/ETH 6.9049 ETH A
HuobiPro WAVES/ETH 32.6180 ETH A
Exmo WAVES/ETH 38.2709 ETH BB
BitMart WAVES/ETH 753.6319 ETH BB
huobikorea WAVES/ETH 30.2106 ETH B
Coinsbit WAVES/ETH 550.3274 ETH B
crex24 WAVES/ETH 0.0012 ETH C
Yobit WAVES/ETH 0.8655 ETH D

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